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About Statistics

The Board of Pardons maintains, regularly updates and makes available to the public the following three (3) sets of statistics of its activity:

1.  Statistics By Year From 1999 To Present Including:

a. Clemency Applications Received

b. Cases Merit Reviewed

c. Public Hearings Held

d. Pardons Recommended

e. Pardons Denied

f. Commutation of Minimum/Maximum Recommended

g. Commutation of Minimum/Maximum Denied

h. Commutation of Life Recommended

i. Commutation of Life Denied

j. Minimum/Maximum Granted by Governor

k. Minimum/Maximum Denied by Governor

l. Commutation of Life Granted by Governor

m. Commutation of Life Denied by Governor

n. Pardons Granted by Governor

o. Pardons Denied by Governor

a. Heard by the Board of Pardons

b. Recommended to the Governor

c. Granted by the Governor