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Celeste Trusty, Secretary

Celeste Trusty is honored to serve as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.  As Secretary, Ms. Trusty is responsible for coordinating the daily operations of the Board of Pardons office and its dedicated team, as well as providing support, information, and advice to the Chair of the Board and Board members.  Ms. Trusty also serves as a liaison between the Board of Pardons and other stakeholders and partners in Pennsylvania's clemency process.  The Secretary is also responsible for facilitating and moderating meetings, hearings, and sessions of the Board of Pardons.

Ms. Trusty is a passionate advocate for transforming Pennsylvania's legal system.  She formerly served as both Pennsylvania State Policy Director and Pennsylvania Regional Organizer for FAMM.  During that time, Celeste worked in coalition with allies, lawmakers, and incarcerated community members to advocate robust, compassionate, and common-sense reforms to our legal system, and to raise awareness about the widespread impact of mass-incarceration on individuals, families, communities, and taxpayers.  Prior to joining FAMM, Celeste worked to organize support networks for incarcerated Pennsylvanians and their loved ones, and helped amplify important stories of hope, transformation, and redemption of people stuck serving excessive and unjust sentences.

Ms. Trusty is also a former volunteer for the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, and can be seen in episode 7 of The Innocence Files on Netflix, The Prosecution: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, which shares the story of Chester Hollman, III and his heroic 28-year fight for exoneration. Dedicated to expanding access to second chances for over-sentenced, aging, and wrongfully convicted Pennsylvanians, Ms. Trusty is proud to help build upon the incredible work being done around clemency expansion in the Commonwealth.