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Information Regarding Your Presentation to the Board

Pursuant to the Board of Pardons regulation 37 Pa. Code § 81.261, “fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed for the entire presentation in support of an application.”  Please note you are not required to present your Application for Clemency for the full fifteen (15) minutes; therefore, you should only use the full fifteen (15) minutes when necessary.   The Board has scheduled a full day of hearings and must strictly adhere to the fifteen (15) minutes allotment of time per hearing to be fair to all of the applicants.  

The Board requests that you consider the following when preparing for your presentation:

  1.  Important - You should begin your presentation by stating your involvement and the details of the offense(s) contained in your Application for Clemency;

  2. Be familiar with the contents of your Application for Clemency;

  3. All other information you wish to present for the Board’s consideration should be relevant to your Application for Clemency;

  4. You may invite no more than two (2) individuals to speak in support of your Application for Clemency.  All other individuals wishing to express their support may do so in writing prior to the hearing;

  5. Letters of support and additional information you wish the Board to consider must be received by this office at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled public hearing;

  6. Allow approximately six (6) to seven (7) minutes for questions from the Board; and

  7. If you are represented by counsel, you must begin your presentation by addressing the Board and responding to the Board’s questions.  If counsel wishes to add anything relevant to your presentation or to summarize, counsel may request permission to speak following your presentation and responses to any questions by the Board.

A public vote will be taken at the conclusion of the hearings.  An Application for Clemency is granted a Recommendation to the Governor if it receives three (3) affirmative votes.  You are not required to stay for the public vote, and you will be notified in writing of the results of the public vote regarding your Application for Clemency.

The ultimate decision to accept or reject the Recommendation of the Board is solely at the discretion of the Governor; in addition, the Governor is not required to act on a recommendation within a specific period of time.